What is MyMedicare?

A consistent relationship with the same GP and healthcare team can result in improved health outcomes. It offers advantages to patients, general practices, and healthcare providers alike. Establishing a formal connection via MyMedicare can contribute to better health results. Registration is entirely optional and comes at no cost.

Upon signing up for MyMedicare, your chosen general practice will be informed that you’ve designated them as your primary care team. This notification enables them to access additional government funding for your care, ensuring they can provide you with the healthcare you require.

Registered patients can enjoy the following benefits:

• Enhanced continuity of care with your designated practice, ultimately improving your health outcomes.

• Extended Medicare Benefit Scheme (MBS) supported telehealth consultations with your GP.

• A government incentive to Practices for lengthier MBS telehealth consultations for children under 16, pensioners, and concession card holders, starting from November 1, 2023.

• For residents of aged care facilities, more frequent visits from your GP and enhanced care planning, beginning in August 2024.

• Improved coordination with general practice for individuals who frequently visit hospitals, starting in mid-2024.

• MyMedicare will continue to introduce additional benefits for registered patients in the future.

As part of your MyMedicare registration, you have the option to display the name of your practice and GP on your My Health Record. This ensures that all healthcare professionals you encounter, such as those in public hospitals, will have clear communication regarding your primary care.

Please note: Should you opt not to enroll in MyMedicare, you will still have access to the same high-quality care from your healthcare providers.

MyMedicare does not restrict you to a specific healthcare provider. You are free to visit other clinics if you choose. However, the benefits of MyMedicare will only be available at your selected clinic. You can also withdraw from MyMedicare or change your registered practice or preferred GP at any time.

How to Register

Signing up for MyMedicare is your choice, and it won’t cost you anything. You can do it in a few different ways:

  • Via your computer or phone by using your Medicare Online Account or the Express Plus Medicare Mobile app. Your healthcare practice will then confirm your registration once submitted.
  • Or, you can ask the staff at your healthcare practice to start the registration for you. They’ll send you a message through your Medicare Online Account or the Express Plus Medicare Mobile app, and you can finish it from there.
  • If you prefer, you can fill out a paper form at your healthcare practice. You can complete a paper form and give your consent to join MyMedicare, and the practice staff will do the rest.

More Information

For more information including the MyMedicare privacy policy, view the Australian Government MyMedicare Information Page or call and ask to speak to one of our Nurses.


To qualify for MyMedicare registration, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Hold a Medicare card or a Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Veteran Card.
  • Have had at least two in-person visits with the practice within the previous 24 months.

Parents or guardians, along with their children, can register at the same practice if one of them meets the eligibility criteria and is already registered. For children below 14 years of age, a parent or guardian must initiate the registration process and provide consent on their behalf. Young people aged 14 to 17 years can independently register and provide consent without the involvement of a parent or guardian.

Individuals facing challenging circumstances will be exempt from meeting these eligibility requirements. This exemption encompasses individuals experiencing domestic and family violence, as well as those who are homeless.

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