Mental Health

Mental Health

Good mental health is an essential part of our well-being. At Adelaide Health Care we have expertise in assisting you to manage your mental health.

Mental Health Treatment Plans are available for certain diagnosed conditions and can assist you by giving your GP time to undertake a thorough assessment of your mental health status and to develop, with you, a plan to improve your mental health. This may include a referral to a psychologist or mental  health social worker.  When you have a Mental Health Treatment Plan in place the cost of seeing a psychologist or mental health social worker is subsided by Medicare for up to ten visits per calendar year.

Children are also able to have Mental Health Treatment Plans for conditions such as anxiety, sleep disorders or behavioural issues. It is  sometimes more appropriate to refer children to an occupational therapist, your GP will discuss this with you.

As Mental Health  Treatment Plans involve a complete mental health assessment and the development of a plan it is essential that a long appointment be booked.

Your GP, psychologist or mental health social worker will tell you when your mental health treatment plan needs to be reviewed.

What to expect

If your GP raises the possibility of a  Mental Health Care Treatment Plan you may be asked to come back for a long appointment. It is not possible to complete this plan in a standard appointment or when other health issues need to be addressed.

It is very important to see your usual GP for Mental Health Care Plans and reviews of plans when at all possible as they will have a better understanding of who you are and what is important to you. You are also likely to be more comfortable talking to your usual GP about what is happening in your life and your emotional state.

Expect to be asked about your mental health history, your history of trauma, your family history and your social situation. Expect to complete a mental health screening questionnaire such as the DASS 21, K10 or Edinburgh Post Natal Depression Scale.


Mental Health Treatment Plans require long appointments. 

Mental Health Treatment Plan (20-40 minutes)

Account fee: $259.75 with an out of pocket cost of $156.05

The concession fee (for Health Care Card holders and pensioners) is $194.80 with an out of pocket cost $91.10.

If the Mental Health Treatment Plan takes more than 40 minutes to complete the account fee: $382.45  with an out of pocket cost of  $229.65.

Concession fee: $286.85 with an out of pocket cost of $134.05


Mental Health Treatment Plan Reviews also require long appointments

Account fee: $204.60, out of pocket cost $122.90.

Concession fee: $153.45, out of pocket cost $71.75


Fees current as of 1st July 2024.

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