Full payment of the private fee is expected at the end of  each consultation, after which you will then receive your Medicare rebate.

Fee schedule as of 1st July 2021:

Description of Consult Item Number Private Fee Medicare Rebate Amount Gap (patient out of pocket cost)
Brief consult
<5 mins
3 $46.90 $17.90 $29.00
Standard consult
<20 mins
23 $82.20 $39.10 $43.10
Long consult
20-40 mins
36 $148.35 $75.75 $72.60
Prolonged consult
>40 mins
44 $207.70 $111.50 $96.20
ECG 11707 $78.30 $16.30 $62.00
Lung Function Test 11506 $45.45 $18.25 $28.60
Pregnancy Test 73806 $25.15 $8.65 $16.50
Standard Wound Care $10 – $20
IV Iron Treatment Please refer to IV Iron Treatment information page for more details including costs
Mirena Procedure Please refer to Intrauterine Device Patient Information (IUD) information page for more details including costs
Allergy Clinic Please refer to the Allergy Clinic information page for more details including costs

This Practice prides itself on providing high quality care and as a result there may be additional costs for the following:

  • Treatment room fee for clinical procedures
  • Brief treatment room nurse appointments
  • Wound care products and other consumable items
  • Specific administrative requests

For more details please discuss with Reception Staff or your Doctor

For the duration of the COVID-19 crisis, we understand that many people have been affected with financial hardship, and that we need to work through this crisis together. If you have any questions, or your current situation makes payment difficult, please phone our Practice Manager Glenda Attenborough on 8410 0774.

New patients
Don’t forget to fill in a new patient form. Please complete your adult or child new patient form before your appointment.


To be eligible for Medicare rebates on telehealth fees you must have had a face to face appointment in the clinic in the last 12 months. Adelaide Health Care requires private billing for telehealth consultations in line with all consultation costs. This means that there may be a fee payable for your phone consultation. You will receive a phone call from our reception staff after your consultation to make the payment. As of Monday 4th May 2020.

Important notes

  • Full payment of the private fee is expected at the end of each consultation, after which you will then receive your Medicare rebate.
  • A non-attendance fee will apply if you do not provide at least four hours’ notice of your cancellation, and this fee will need to be paid prior to next seeing a doctor.
  • All patients 18 years of age and under Health Care Card, and 70 years of age and over with a Pensioner Concession Card will be bulk billed.
  • All patients between the ages of 19 and 69 years of age with a Health Care Card or Pension Card will have a 25% discount applied to private billing for medical services and some procedures.
  • All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients with a health care card will be bulk billed.
  • Health Care Card holders must carry their valid card with them to all appointments.
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