IV Iron Treatment

About IV Iron Treatment

Intravenous Iron treatment is an option for many people who have iron deficiency or iron deficiency anemia. If you have symptoms such as tiredness, fatigue, weakness, difficulty exercising and others, this may be useful for you.

The following doctors are providing IV iron treatment:

  • Dr Thomas Ung
  • Dr Rebecca Mitchell
  • Dr Judy Zhu
  • Dr Robyn Seto
  • Dr Cristina Valero
  • Dr Natasha Nottingham
  • Dr Helen Mullner
  • Dr Claire Riebeling
  • Dr Wendy Wen

You may have already discussed IV Iron treatment with your usual GP. If you are interested in discussing this further and being assessed to see if it is suitable for you, there is a two-step process at Adelaide Health Care. These steps must be with one of the GP’s who are trained in this area, and with the same GP.

What to expect

Initial Consult:

This will be a long consult (30 minutes). Information will be given about what an IV Iron infusion involves, the benefits and possible side effects. If appropriate, a prescription for iron may be given.

Procedure Appointment:

This will be an hour long appointment in the treatment room with your doctor and one of the Practice Nurses. You will be consented for the procedure and the IV Iron Treatment will then be administered. You will be observed by the nurse for a period of time afterwards. A follow up blood test will be requested to assess the effectiveness of treatment.


IV Iron Treatment counselling and insertion requires medical expertise as well as the use of the treatment room, specialized sterilized equipment and the Practice Nurse. For this reason no consults relating to IV Iron will be bulk billed.

It is not possible to give a definite cost over the two consults as the length of consults may vary on the day. Below is an approximate cost.

The initial consult will be a long consult $171.35 with an out of pocket cost of $91.25.

The procedure consult will be a long consult $171.35 with an out of pocket cost of $91.25. As well as $100 for the treatment room facility cost, which has no Medicare rebate.

The total cost for services provided may be $442.60 with total out of pocket costs (after receiving the Medicare rebate) of $282.50, depending on the billing over the two consults. This does not include the cost of the iron, which patients will have to purchase themselves from a pharmacy.

Fees current as of 1st November 2023.

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